Content that works for ecommerce business

Content that ultimately sell products online. Well design attracts buyer attention, good price influences buyer's descision and product information convert to sale online. A good content stargey gives the product information that customers need but it has to be easy, simple and customer's friendly. A ecommerce website content that has to be concise and brief, which empowers user's descision but it has to be the following formats:

- it isn't about your products, it is about your audience
- no points to publish lots of thin content or lightweight content, it is about quality 
- i
t isn't about getting more traffic, it is about more conversion
- it isn't about outsource the content, it is about your voice
- it isn't about product features or description, it is about who use your products
- it isn't about formats, it is about idea, humour,interesting, sharable, ect.
- it is about making friendship and relation.

We have approved copywriters, who know how to write high-quality content and avoid duplicate content issues on e-commerce websites.

Why do you need E-commerce content?

The majority of E-commerce product descriptions is duplicate content with other websites. Websites would have the same content as one another such as iPhone, Sony TVs etc. on the internet, which harms a websites visibility, trust and authority.



Ecommerce content services

We have 100s of approved ecommerce copywrtiters, writing product descriptions, SEO title & meta description, ecommerce guides & advice, blog post, etc. and also able to deliver large number of product descriptions quickly and easily. Our copy includes on the followings:

- eye catchy product title including root & long tail keywords
- unique product introduction to avoid duplication
- creative product briefs by analysing competitor's product description
- add the call-to-actions to increase sales and revenue
- add the SEO title & meta descriptions to increase search visilibity
- add a short video description if necessary
- add image alt tag to improve SEO
- write ecommerce guide and help by adding long tail keywords in the copy

Price: $0.05 per word      48-72 hours trunaround 
UK copy writers               support all platforms

1. Create an order   2. Assign an approved writer   3. Send it to you for approval


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