Blogger Outreach


What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach is the ideal way to reach your target customers

Blogger Outreach (also known as Link Building) is a great way for brands to target their ideal prospect by tapping into the influence of bloggers. Bloggers are trusted and followed by their community of for providing honest opinions.

Brands are the influence of bloggers to get their product in front of the bloggers audience that may be unaware of the product/service offered by the brand.

Brands benefits in a number of ways from working with bloggers including: 

- Bloggers have the opportunity to give feedback about the product/service they have reviewed and the brand can use this feedback to make improvements. 

- Prospects would typically review products/services before making purchases. An influential review can influence an opinion leading to sales.

- Bloggers can share the review across their social media profiles, leading to increased awareness and sales through different channels.

- There are multiple ways bloggers can promote the product/service including competitions, giveaways, reviews, social shares.

- Brands can measure the impact the of the campaign, calculating return on investment.

Influencing a purchase

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Brands need to spread the awareness about their product/services and need ways to communicate the benefits of the brand to prospective customers. Buying ads, email lists or paying for leads, why not reach out to influential trendsetters in the market you are targeting and influence prospects opinions when they’re making their purchasing decisions?

influencers = trust


Our Methodology

With Big Outreach, you don’t need to spend precious time in searching for the right blogger. Our unique and effective methodology ensures you can connect to the right blogger to reach your target market. All you need to do is complete a short form with your requirements and leave the rest to our experienced team. 

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