How do I do blogger outreach?


Bloggers and those involved with social media play a very dominant role. It is vital to know what approach has to be taken and how it can influence your marketing efforts.

Social media marketing has gone through various changes. It is not what it was perceived as before. Previously it was like communicating the same message to your entire group of audience. This only would now not bear much result.

The approach is not just to send messages but the focus is now mainly on building up a relationship through a proper marketing strategy.

There are a group of marketers who practice social media marketing just to improve or increase friends or followers but the recommended advice is that social media marketing should be used to build up your authority and try out ways to improve your search engine rankings.

The basic concept that there are social factors which influences the links to your website has not changes. They are like the lifeline of the web but what has transformed is the landscape that ambiance this social influence.

The number of links requesting to exchange links with other site is now so hot in demand as it used to be before but many still go for this strategy hoping that it will work wonder. Basically the results are not so encouraging. But there are some emails which I receive though the volume of such mails has gone down a lot.

The growth of blogging and social media

With the growth of social media many things went for a change. Links exchanges became less important and instead those social marketers became to be known as social media experts. The focus now shifted to building a fan flow and increase followers.

The step taken was to form groups where people would request others in the group to tweet upon their content for improving the visibility. But with the passage of time this strategy also became less demanding as it was discovered that the same lot of people were time and again scratching each other’s backs. The search engines did not like at all and so the strategy fell flat.

To make social media marketing a success social influence must be modified. So it means you should not let the same people retweet your content and the same group of people to like your post again and again.

Thus basically it boils down to one things and that is it how to get visibility for a product or service?

Blogger Outreach Campaigns

The concept behind a blogger outreach campaign is that a company in getting maximum exposure of the product or services leverages influencers who have a substantial command or followers. There is a request to pen down something about the products or services in return for free right of entry to the product or service.

In some cases there may be some exchange of money also but that will depend totally on the relationship the company has with the blogger and also on the blogger reputation and authority has in the market.

So the question which crops up is why such influencer marketing hold good?

There will be handful of bloggers out there who will rip apart your product/service when receiving it for free but most disclaimers say that they were furnished with free product but their opinions were their own. Just consider for a moment how many influencers will really take the step to burn a bridge that was just set up?

The truth is that after been a recipient of several free products, I also ended up reviewing some of them, which otherwise I would not venture to talk about. The reviews which I did were either to be very frank neutral or awesomely positive. Surely the situation did not demand me to write anything negative as the products were good enough.

An important point to take into account is that Google may have eyes on the exchange of dollars for links. So getting those folks to include a do follow link could be assumed as something not very positive but the publicity you get through these relationships could still upshot in some extra natural links.

Blogger outreach best practices


-It is very important to discover the right people for blogger outreach campaigns. You have to do a lot of research about the writer and come to a conclusion about what exactly they specialize. It is useless to waste time on those who do not meet your requirements or do not work for your niche area. So just reaching bloggers in general is not so important but focus on those who meets your needs.

The best part is to visit the blog sites and go through all the writings and then get to know how they fit you.  Again you can also get in touch with bloggers in a way that would result in saving of your valuable time. On the other hand you can also outsource work by getting in touch with some agencies that represent bloggers and can handle the campaign on your behalf.


Your message should be as simple as possible. Try to avoid writing mails which look like posts. It will be stupid act to do that and the purpose will not be served.


The effort you are taking through your outreach emails should have a touch of passionate. Others may like this approach.  Also be sure not to annoying.

Passion is good but pestering is not the good way. Surely risking or alienating those folks you have acknowledged as having influence would result in dangerous consequences.


-Creativity plays a vital part. In case you have got an excellent product, that is excellent news but if your offering is not at par, the influencer would not care about. There should be some USP or others would notice it. Tell how your brand of product is diverse from others by putting some creative and useful content.


All results or success of work ultimately depend on the type of relationship you have with someone, who reaches or influences others on your behalf. You have to work hard to come to their good books by following them on Twitter, commenting on their blog, and many other activities.

Over to you

It is very important to note that relationship can come to a halt anytime if you begin to waste people’s time and ignore the above mentioned suggestions. Thus the best way out in contacting bloggers irrespective of whether you are a PR professional or an in-house marketer at a company in need of publicity, is to work really hard.

So what are your best PR outreach practices? This post has given my perception about how to do blogger outreach.


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