So what do you think a content writer and a copywriter is the same thing? They both concentrate on writing words online and offline in contents. Basically you can say that both are writers.

For several years, the perception about the responsibilities of a copywriter were taken as writing great copy about the product or service one is attempting to sell.

But as the marketing pattern has shifted to content, every copywriter working today has found him or her slowly turning into a content marketing copywriter under certain situations.

But the actual fact is that they are different. They actually support each other very well and coordinate the efforts of achieving a common objective. You can take them as two sides of the same coin. They need the skill of a similar type but there are some differences.

What is a content writer?

Basically they write content, isn’t it? But there must be more than that. They write content on various types by making use of the written word, usually in a longer format which is quality wise rich and search engine optimized.

A content writer develops a piece of content which most of the time use certain keywords, Meta and how shares and links to the piece will enhance the value of the content. Thus a content writer is expected to create unique content, articles, blog posts, newspaper pieces magazine features and any other types of long-form content.

Their approach is more or less like a journalist, with editorial copy strictly under their disposal, basically writing content with longer word counts and complicated details- these commanding pieces perform better when they are shared online.

Thus a content writer is a person as the name tells writes content. In today’s world they specialize in offering relevant content for websites. The websites generally attract viewers just because of the presence of content on the website. The content should be of some interest and engage the viewer. The content should include keywords that can attract and retain the users on a website.

The content writer should be in a position to write for any website and should focus on the specific topic as needed by the website. Moreover the content should be understood and read easily and offer all information as needed and should in no way be complicated.

So basically some of the major tasks of the content writer are:

  • Make content that can entice and engage visitors so that the visitors continue to come again and again and browse the site.
  • Make use of keywords and use it in content to make the content search engine optimized.
  • Create content that permits the site visitors to get what information they want easily and quickly.

What is a copywriter?

Though a copywriter also writes copy yet it is somewhat different from a content writer. It is expected that a copywriter will also write but they are used mainly as an advertising vehicle and is expected that its prime duty is to sell.

The task of a copywriter is basically to write promotional advertising copies for the main objective of advertising or marketing of a product, business, person, opinion or idea.

The copy should be such that the reader can be persuaded to buy whatever the copy is selling. They are highly regarded as persons responsible for the creation of words for a sales campaign.

The copywriters are individuals generally involved in writing taglines, jingle lyrics, television or radio commercial scripts, press releases, catalogs, billboards, sales letters and other marketing communication media.

At present, copywriters may at times be asked to write web page content, online ads, blog posts, tweets and social networking posts so as to promote the product or service. So at times the confusion arises what is the difference between content writer and copywriter.

Now we are observing a change of copywriters to web writers in marketing such as display advertising, and thereby creating an even stronger online presence.

How do both copywriters and work content writers?

Basically a copywriting job is to compel the readers to take call to action. So the copy is written to inform the reader what to do next. But the content writer is not trying to sell a product or service but simply making some recommendations. In most cases it involves writing a blog or producing some infographics that helps in presenting some vital information and advice.

Having said this content writer should in any way move away from working to fixed deadlines and as far as copywriter, they should not always have the luxury of a working extension.

If we look or study a little bit of in-depth then both content writer and copywriter are two sides of a coin and so work in tandem to bring the desired result of increased traffic.

Also try to develop relationship with customers and consumers and as a long term policy build up a brand. So even if they have some different responsibilities they have to both included to build a website.

Basically content writers seem to have a much longer duration than copywriters. Their work is an outcome of a well thought out content with the assistance of road maps, timelines, and content calendars and so on but a copywriter can be called at the final moment to give a copy. Thus a copywriter should be agile and reactive in his skill tests and cannot plan the work as a content writer.

Content writers should create unique content with keywords to engage the readers and copywriters would take it one step forward and compel the readers to call to action.

What is your opinion?

What is your take on both content writer and copywriter?  Do you have a different opinion as how both of them are differentiated? Are you a content writer and feel that there is not much difference between the two? Do you think at some point of time the content writers also perform the task of copywriter?

Please share your valuable comments on the comment section below. I would be eagerly waiting to know what your take on both content and copywriter is.