In a small business, it isn’t uncommon for staff to be responsible for multiple aspects of the running of the business. In the hustle and bustle, it is possible for some areas to get ignored and fall by the wayside.

FSB explains why your business digital strategy is something you can’t afford to overlook.

Small Business Digital Strategy


A digital strategy at its core is a way to organise. Your digital strategy should encompass the ways in which you are going to promote your business online. Without this, in place, there is no forward planning or insight to guide your marketing and promotional efforts.

A strategy can help you to see where you should focus your efforts, and identify any potential opportunities which could give you an edge over your competition.

Without this and without the insight a strategy provides it can be difficult to make the most of your content marketing and difficult to identify the right areas for effective outreach.


In a small business, any opportunity to promote yourself and reach new customers is crucial. A proper digital strategy allows you to organise your efforts and make them more efficient, targeted and effective which can reap much better results for your business.

Without a proper strategy in place, your digital marketing effort can lack direction. Outreach doesn’t know what to target when talking to people and your content doesn’t reflect the needs of your business.

This all severely hinders your business’s means of communicating and promoting itself.

Forgetting your strategy makes it much more difficult to communicate with your customers, suppliers, and audiences in a way that will truly be a benefit to your business and its online reputation.


Without a digital strategy, how are you supposed to know what content you’re meant to create? Without a strategy, in place, you could be devoting resources to creating digital assets and content that won’t achieve anything.

Not properly using a strategy can mean that your digital efforts can become less effective and aimless, meaning it isn’t achieving the success your business expects and is costing you time, money and resources to create something that isn’t delivering on its potential.

Maintaining a strategy allows you to have direction and ensure you are maximising the effectiveness of your digital presence to benefit your business.