Who is a micro influencer? It is a common question asked by many people. In these days, a huge surge in influence marketing has been noticed. Along with it, a new kind of concept has also emerged which is currently ruling the entire advertising market. This is none other than a micro influencer. Hearing this name, questions must be popping up in your mind. Well, this is quite natural. To get answers to all your queries, read this informative write-up.

So, now let’s start with the basics:

Who is a micro influencer?

A micro influencer is the one who has a decent number of followers i.e. on an average more than 3000 followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and they belong to a particular niche, group or class. These influencers can write content on almost anything- right from automotive to animals, business to beauty, fashion to fitness and so on. They are genuine, trustworthy and relatable which prove very helpful in marketing. After all, launching an effective influencer campaign implies word-mouth marketing in a unique way.

Does micro influencer marketing mean selling out content?

No, being a micro influencer does not mean selling out content. These micro influencers posts content on social media sites on a regular basis whether there is payment involved or not. In all their write-ups, they mainly show features of any particular brand or product which create great awareness among the followers.

For example, a popular sports brands like Reebok unknowingly appears in many posts by micro influencers due to their immense popularity and worldwide recognition. This sort of sponsored content does not indicate selling them out. But not all brands are fortunate enough to get this kind of marketing due to popularity.

For those brands, several online platforms have been created through which they can connect to the wider community via these micro influencers. When you get an option to choose an original content created by a micro influencer, it allows you to compete with the big brands. This helps to strengthen your position in the market.

Since these micro influencers are already popular in their niche, their recommended products, goods or services easily get public’s attention and this generates sales. Besides this, they have their preferred brands and feel their followers should also know about those brands or products. These online platforms offer an excellent opportunity to micro influencers to gain some monetary benefits from those favorite brands they are doing invaluable promotion for long.

Why brands prefer influencer marketing over other digital marketing tools?

Influencer marketing has some impressive features that boost sale easily.  Have a look at them –


According to studies, around 80% of consumers have faith in recommendations that come from top rated influencers. Micro influencers are basically thought leaders who influence the minds of their followers. This is a kind endorsement which really matters to a brand.


Influencers write original reviews about the products they have used or love. For writing on a particular product or good, they first need to use it or buy it before giving any review on it.

Why choosing a micro influencer a better option than celebrity endorsement?

Choosing a micro influencer is always a better and powerful option than celebrity endorsement. Just a few years ago, several brands faced a huge fall in their marketing campaign due to Kardashian endorsement. But now, gaining the confidence of audience is no more difficult with some genuine reviews and praise from micro influencers.

Ref: Neil Patel

Where can one find micro influencers?

Brands can find micro influencers in two ways – First, search through popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and gather data on those who are most often posts content about any product, service or company. Second, there are many online platforms now available where influencers post content, share real photos and videos about products. You can create a campaign on such platforms specify your target customers and invite the influencers to join your campaign. By doing so, you can easily find a micro influencer as per your choice and requirement.

So, if you wish to create an effective campaign for your brand, nothing would prove to be a better option than the micro influencer. So, hire a micro influencer today and witness some amazing results.