Are you planning to choose a career as copywriter?

Are you burnt out with the present job? Looking for a change, then it is high time you can look for copywriter as a career. The same applies to fresh graduates who are on the lookout for jobs.
Irrespective of the reasons behind you choosing this line, getting a foothold in this industry can really be a challenging task considering the unstable situations prevalent now.
In case you taste success, you will discover that it is a rewarding path you have chosen. Following are some useful tips for getting a foothold in this industry.

Do I need a degree?

To be a copywriter you need to have more of creative writing skills rather than a degree. Yes a degree may land you up in an advantageous position though not essential. A course relevant to copywriting like journalism and marketing can help you hone the skills that will assist in doing research and meeting deadlines.
Here aptitude for writing engaging content does matter irrespective of what your degree is. Study shows that employers prefer experience and the mindset over education.

Is writing experience necessary?

We all have to make a beginning and some form of writing experience will surely help us in securing a position of copywriter and perform the task efficiently. Make the first move by creating a blog which covers your core interest. Get some first-hand experience by getting in touch with some local marketing or PR agencies who will more than eager to give you the role of apprentices. Select a product and create a storyline and some engaging product copy.


Try to get an interesting portfolio done if you are interested in any copywriting work. Any sort of copywriting experience will make your portfolio stand among others. This experience will come useful where there is a need of speculative writing. The more you gain experience try to add it and it should be so structured to the job you are applying for.

Web presence

Having your own website is a plus point for any copywriter and nowadays it is an absolute must. This should be professional in appearance and in anyway linked to your personal web presence. In the same way there should be a complete separate social media for your professional work. Linkedin and Facebook are two professional social media networks which you can use to link back to your website.

Getting work

You have done your hard work and also have the skills. But you need the work to continue. If you are not among the fortunate few to walk into a copywriting job after the completion of your internship, the process ahead is a daunting one. The best possible to have a career in copywriting is to become a staff writer of an ad or marketing agency. or in any creative department of a corporate house. All the more important is how you sell yourself will fetch you work because of your credible presence. Remember the beginning may not go in your favor and it is always daunting to finish the first job. Don’t worry it is a temporary phase only and your way will glitter in the coming days.

Going freelance

There are host of reasons for taking the path of freelance as a copywriter. This can be because you are not in a position to get a full time position or it can be because of the financial freedom and flexibility of work timings.
To be a successful freelance copywriters develop a long list of clients’ base through your best effort and determination. Make a beginning by looking for small local businesses in your locality and price your service at a competitive rate, or some work free to induce your clients. Ensure that the work is delivered on time and maintain a good standard of your work. Treat all your contacts equally as one day you may get great opportunity from anyone of them.
The best way to get some freelance work is to browse the internet. Market your website in a proper way and see your income go up as you gain experience.
Have another job at hand if you are just starting off the work as it take time to build your network and portfolio. Freelance work requires great understanding on payment terms before you undertake to start a project. The payment terms and conditions should be settled.


If you are sincerely considering a career as a copywriter, then it is very important to go by it however big a problem may arise. Surely success would not grace you soon but keep on with the hard work to rejuvenate you again. Regardless of the type of job you do , in-house or freelance, it is just a matter of time you will realize your dream has come true