For any content marketing and SEO campaign to reap results, infographics plays a key role. So what is the benefit which passes on? Basically when we input the right infographics in our content our content looks stunning. It helps better to engage the visitors and let them hook up to our content again and again.

Thus a right promotion strategy in combination stunning infographic would streamline the flow of visitors and create a perfect brand image to increase the flow of traffic.

What precisely is an infographic?

The use of infographics has been in practice for a long time even before the world of internet opened up. So why does the online marketers use infographic? It is simply because it helps the content to become viral.

An infographic is just a visualization of information present in the content. They help the visitors to better understand the crux of the content without going through the glut of data.

Stunning infographics help in easy understanding and sharing of the content. There may be different objective behind putting infographic. But whatever may the reason, they all should perform one thing well. The information should be displayed visually in a simple and easy to understand.

What are the benefits of infographic marketing?

There are tons of benefits which can pass on to your brand when you can insert some beautifully created infograpic. Let us have a look at some of them-

  • Augmented Traffic-Right infographics can cause a spurt in the flow of traffic to your website, especially the page where you published the infographic. This means you have more visitors thronging to the site.
  • Leap in sales-The main purpose of creating a website is to increase the sale of products and services online and that is done well when we insert infographic. Yes it is agreed that all the traffic may not the buyer but surely there is a positive effect. It leads to further traffic and improve the brand image. Infographgic helps expose your content to the online people and brings in revenue.
  • Generate Links– A perfectly structured infographic campaign will surely help in generating link. The right infographic campaign will in all possibilities help in link building and content marketing.
  • Brand Awareness-Infographic put the focus on your products and services and thus improves the general awareness of the existence of the products. When there is a creation of stunning infographics, people become more recognizable with you and your brand. They become loyal thus.
  • Niche Authority– The use of infographics helps in developing a niche. Creation and sharing of stunning infographic in your niche will get shared around and boost you as an authority.

What should be the tone of your infographic?

There are many opinions about infographic and some are skeptical as to whether it Is worth investing in something that is non promotional. Obviously the infographic campaign at the bottom is to promote and sell. But there is a big challenge for the marketing team because anything which is of sales pitch would naturally not liked by the visitors and so bring negative results. There the infographic campaign should basically be non-promotional otherwise it would not be shareable.

How to generate ideas for infographics?

The best way to develop amazing infographics is to start the process with a brainstorming process. Sufficient time should be spent debating on ideas generated. So bring the team of professionals working together. For example if you were a baby bouncer supplier, you could capitalize on the just growing up baby. Again if you are related to content marketing company you can go for infographic campaign with convincing content marketing statistics. But keep in mind the ideas generated are original. A simple brainstorming session would lead to great ideas being developed. So make this session a must and productive one.

Ponder about the data

For every possible infographic idea, you have to have a good idea as to how to collect the data to visualize. There are cases where you will discover the data in the public domain or in cases you will have to go and get the data through surveys and through personal effort.

After the data is collected it is now time to present the data to the designer so that the data can get life through his efforts.

Designing the infographic

  • The infographic designs should be crystal clear to convey the ideas.
  • To make the visualization of data easier make use of pie charts and graphs.
  • The infograhic should be more of imagination and not stuffed with words, otherwise the purpose would not be served.
  • Make use of beautiful icons and images to further boost your infographic.
  • The typography should be easily understandable. Make sure that the fonts are clear and easy to read.
  • The approach to infographic or design should be such a when you are into writing blog post or story. Make sure that there is a starting point and end point to every infographic.
  • Colors play a vital role in infographic to make it presentable and catchy to the eyes. There should be enough importance given on infographic just as we give to the main site.

How to give a boost to your infographic campaign

You should submit infographic to infograhic directories and hosting sites which will give you links back without delay. Here is a place where you will get infographics which is relevant to your content and place on it your site, which will result in more links back and more viral your content will become.

Outreach to relevant blogs informing them about your infographic.

Bloggers will more than eager to post some useful content on their blog for free provided it has something to do with their niche. You can hope to get an acceptable rate thus resulting in lots of natural links.

Steps for infographic campaign in brief

Step 1 Concept

It is very important first to come up with a great concept which has a great story and should have some relation to your niche.

Step 2 Data Research

In case the topic is in great domain, you will get easy information in the public domain and of course Google is your helper. You may also gather information by your own research with surveys.

Step-3 Design

The design structure should be such that it tells a story easy to understand. A designer with exceptional imaginary skills will make use of beautiful colors, typography and imagery to give a nice finish.

Step 4 Publish & Get Marketing

Reach other bloggers in your industry by submitting your infographic to infograhic directories. A social campaign may help you get the support you need.

So, take the decisive step now

There is no doubt that infographic can be effective for both marketing campaign and made use to influence a link building strategy which will assist as a link magnet and also as a brand beacon for time to come. So get into the decisive act of brainstorming ideas for your smart infographic campaign right now.