Brands and Influencers

Over the last few years, consumers have become a lot savvier in avoiding intrusive advertisements and the rise in ad-blocker software is a clear indication that consumers are tired of being continuously targeted. Around 47% of online consumers use ad-blockers, which is driving more brands and businesses to invest in influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing Trends

Influencer Marketing – Via Google Trends (Feb 2017)

Marketers are now reverting back to the golden rules that “Consumers are more likely to trust a friend rather than the brand itself”. Today’s marketers have to become more creative with the ways that they reach the ideal consumer persona and hold their attention long enough to view a video, read an article or take some form of action like filling in a form.

Influencers have played a massive role in working with brands to promote goods or services. These include sports athletes, musicians, celebrities and even getting endorsements from the Royal Family can help a brand with reaching the right audience.

Building the relationship

Marketers and Influencers have built up a lasting relationship over the years and with more of the world coming online. This trend will continue to grow as we have witnessed over the years with influencers holding the majority of audiences attention.

Influencers have reached into all the different areas of life from cooking, video gaming, and long distance running. Influencers have turned the traditional form of advertising on its head by becoming personal brands or brand ambassadors. In this light, the brand ambassadors are seen as a leader in their field of interest to their followers.

Influencer Marketing


The value of having a leader promote your brand or business has now become critical to reaching your target audience. According to Bloomberg, $255 million is spent every month on Instagram on influencer marketing campaigns. Brands have been using influencers as a key driving force to stay ahead of their competition.

Audiences can be fickle and easily turn away from the influencer if they know they are just promoting products or are “selling out” to brands. Influencers have to be careful with the brands they work with and promote. The best influencers would create a content schedule that builds upon a theme and works the brand’s message into the schedule to appear more natural to the audience.

Creating the perfect influencer fit

Before a brand starts to work with an influencer, they need to make sure the brand and the influencer are a match for one another. Often brands would target influencers with the highest followers or page views, but to get the real benefit from the campaign, brands need to work with influencers that would add value to the brand by targeting the right audience.

Brands Matching Influencers

When choosing an influencer, it is important to think how the brand’s image matches the influencers personality as well as their social media profile and that of their followers. Just because the influencer may have previously posted about going to the gym, doesn’t necessarily they would be a good fit for a sportswear brand.

Engagement vs Reach

It’s important to strike up the right balance between the number of followers an influencer has to the amount of engagement they receive. Comments, likes, shares are as important if not more important in getting your brand noticed.

It is important to ensure that the influencer is as proactive as possible in promoting your brand across social media and getting the maximum amount of eyes on the content as they can. The more engagement the influencer has, the more likely they are in converting their followers.

An influencer with a high engagement rate is more likely to have a loyal following and better conversion rate compared to an influencer with a high following and low engagement rate.


Working with influencers needn’t be a minefield. By planning the strategy, objectives and outcomes of the campaign beforehand will create a much smoother process that works beneficially both for the brand and the influencer whilst ensuring the right message gets across to your target audience whilst building trust along the way.

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