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What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach is the ideal way to reach your target customers

Blogger Outreach (also known as Link Building) is a great way for brands to target their ideal prospect by tapping into the influence of bloggers. Bloggers are trusted and followed by their community of for providing honest opinions.

Brands are the influence of bloggers to get their product in front of the blogger’s audience that may be unaware of the product/service offered by the brand.

Benefits of Blogger Outreach

Bloggers have the opportunity to give feedback about the product/service they have reviewed and the brand can use this feedback to make improvements.

  • Prospects would typically review products/services before making purchases. An influential review can influence an opinion leading to sales.
  • Bloggers can share the review on their social media profiles, leading to increased awareness and sales through different channels.
  • There are multiple ways bloggers can promote the product/service including competitions, giveaways, reviews, social shares.
  • Brands can measure the impact the of the campaign, calculating return on investment.

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Brands need to spread the awareness about their product/services and need ways to communicate the benefits of the brand to prospective customers. Buying ads, email lists or paying for leads, why not reach out to influential trendsetters in the market you are targeting and influence prospects opinions when they’re making their purchasing decisions

Blogger outreach is the list of bloggers which you are going to build a relationship. They are always open mind to make a relationship with business and promoting your content on their blog.

Create a list of blogs that are influential so that you can get in contact with them. Learn how to use Excel to create a spreadsheet so you can easily keep in touch with these bloggers. Google drive can also be a useful option to manage the blogger outreach process. Your goal is to get in contact with all the bloggers in your niche and also to build a relationship with them.It seems to be a difficult process but if you can manage it effective way, it will bring the great results to your business.

Why Blogger outreach?

From Google trend, Blogger outreach has gradual incremental popularity in the market. It has a great value for SSE.

Now a days, everybody is very busy with social media marketing, buying like, followers, pins, votes, etc. they are forgetting to win new links from bloggers to a specific page. As we know the quality backlink is one of the key ranking factors in order to get the 1st position in Google search result pages. Blogger outreach will give you a backlink and also will give you immediate traffic to the site.

Do a Google search

You can get a lot of influential blogs from Google. This is so because, if a blog is appearing on Google search, then it is seen as an authority. If you can get a link from a blog that ranks among the top on google, then this can increase your ranking too. It will help the search engine traffic for your blog.

Do A Follower Wonk

There is another method to get this going. And that is using Moz’s Follower Wonk.

This takes a different method by searching for the influential people behind these blogs instead of searching for the blogs itself.

Use Technorati

This also has another list of high ranking blogs. Go to their homepage and enter the search field through the blog button that is located on the Homepage.  Click here to visit Technorati

Check Alltop

You can find blogs that you are not very familiar with here. Alltop has a list of high ranking blogs in every industry. This is more or less like a goldmine.

Step #2: Place Your Target Bloggers Into Tiers

Let us all be realistic here. Not every blog is the same ranking. Some are big, respected and get significant traffic and engagement while others don’t get as much.

You should try not to use the same approach for every blogger you get on your list. This is a common mistake everyone tends to make when coming into the blogging circle and it doesn’t just make an iota of sense.

You have to divide your targeted bloggers in the different tiers. Only then you can give the industry users leaders the TLC they desire. It will also help you make a more direct approach to other bloggers on the list.

But herein lies the difficulty, how do you know the blogger that needs to be treated as a VIP and the ones which should not even be contacted at all?

Analyze Social Authority

This is a social metric that considers the influence of followers on social media and the total number of followers a blogger has. Just for example, if Mark follows a blogger, his impact will be more significant on the social metric than 1000 followers with lower influence.

Hence for the bloggers, you did not find on FollowerWonk, try to use the same tool to find their Social Authority. You can do this by typing @username in the Search Twitter bios box you had used before.

Analyze Domain Authority

I prefer to use the SEO metrics as a factor in evaluating bloggers. This is because SEO is a pulling factor and their right use can help bring lots of visitors to your blog. And Just like Twitter followers, authority in search engines correlates with the influence and reach.

Use Blog Comments

This is another useful metric. The average comments a blog post get is essential to improving its ranking. This is true because you may get increased traffic from a link placed on a smaller blog than a link set on a more authoritative site but has less engagement. This is only possible is the more modest blog has a passionate following.

Step #3: Divide and Conquer Principle

Since you have arranged your target blogs into tiers; then it is time to begin the exciting parts. It is time to get on the screen of your blogger targets.

The exciting part in arranging your target bloggers into tiers is that you can begin to get the benefits of Tier 2 and Tier 3 blogs while you are building a relationship with Tier 1. This strategy is likened to Divide and Conquer Strategy.

You begin by warming up. An excellent way of getting on their radar is by doing the following.

1) Ensure to share their content

Don’t be surprised that many of these bloggers monitor those who mention them. It is more like a duty on their part to check where they have been mentioned. When you share their contents frequently, they will begin to notice you.

When you mention their blog on Twitter or Google+ try to use ‘@’ on Twitter, just before their blog’s handle and add the ‘+’ before their blog’s handle on Google+.

You should also add some description and comment about what you have read. This is important, so they don’t see you as an attention seeker. It will show that you have read their post and making a meaningful comment or share. Something as simple as “Great insights by @JonMorrow” is proper. However, Google+ gives room to add more comments, try to put in more details so you will stick in their mind.

2) Use Responses: respond to questions on social media

Most of these bloggers love to throw in questions to their followers on social media. Try to respond to their questions consistently.

3) Comment on blog posts

Endeavor to place comments on their blogs. This is one of the significant ways that will put you in the spotlight. But ensure that your comments add genuine information to the conversation.

4) Ensure to send a complimentary email

If you are supposed to get their attention very fast, then you have to consider doing this. It is perfect for you to learn how to sweet talk. For me, I have used several egos boosting emails to improve my relationships with several influencers, and it has been very productive.

Step #4: Time to Reach Out

Now that you have created the hit list and then warmed up by flowing the steps above, then it is time to reach out for the kill.

Now be wary of the fact that your tactic would depend on the goal you would want to get from each influencer.

  • Are you looking for a tweet of your latest post? Just send a pitch of the content via email to the influencer.
  • Do you want to get a guest post opportunity? Here, you will have to get a guest post inquiry script. You’ll need a customized guest post inquiry script.
  • Maybe it is a quality backlink directly to your site? I would provide you with a script for that too.

Goal #1: Get bloggers to see your content and possibly share

If there are specific contents that you want to be shared on social media or mentioned in a blog post, then you need to show it to the bloggers.

Goal #2: Get guest blog placements with so much ease

Many high ranking blogs are very selective about the blog post they feature. This is because the post they feature on their site is a reflection of their brand.

Hence you should send a more customized email specific to guest posting just to prove you are good enough to get published.

Goal #3: Get quality backlinks for your site

Reach out to a lot of bloggers. It is the perfect means to get high-quality links back to your blog. But you need to bear in mind that Google and other search engines want to see your backlink more natural way instead of all high quality and exact anchor text. There are a number of pages have been analyzed those are ranking in the 1st positions in Google search and identified a different metrics. See the MOZ analysis report below:

  • branded terms=31%
  • semi-branded terms=19%,
  • keyword match =22%
  • random =28%

5) Be Active: Point out broken links

You can offer to show these bloggers that there are some expired links on their website and this will get their attention to you. These broken links harm their site authority and ranking. No serious blogger would want such links on their sites  and they will appreciate you

6) Make an Offer to improve a resource

You can also offer to enhance a page of the blogger. This is a perfect way of getting on the radar of such blogger. Offer to promote any page that needs to be updated and then they will recognize you.

Step #5: Develop the Relationship

Since you can reach out to a blogger and add value to his blog, then it is now time to change your one-time transaction into a relationship. Here are some of the basic ideas for such moves.

Idea #1: Appreciate them for their help

If any of the new bloggers accept your guest post contributions, then ensure you thank them for it. Don’t be too proud to do so.

If you show appreciation, then you can be offered other services too. The blogger can then introduce you to another blogger who would help you reach another goal to be highly ranked.

Idea #2: Move your relationship to Skype

Add them on Skype. This is an essential way of other bloggers and getting personal with them. Skype is a better medium than using email. Just direct them to your Skype by telling them this “Use my Skype ID to reach out to me when you want to talk”.

Idea #3: Consider growing together with a joint venture

This is just another step forward; if you think you can help improve the other blogger’s business, then you can go into a joint venture.

You can begin small by doing something like an infographic JV or a co-authored post. Then with time, you can start to do more and more projects together.

You should make a pitch to prominent bloggers only when you feel it is a lopsided deal. That is, just make a pitch when the ‘big’ blogger would benefit more than you benefit. This is because these prominent bloggers get lots of JV pitches all the time.

Idea #4: You could also build your relationship offline

If your new blogger friend stays close to where you live or is attending a conference anytime soon, try to meet the person offline. This will be like a seal to your relationship.

Get to action

Although all these may seem too old schooled, but then there is a significant untapped potential of blogger outreach.

By just commenting, you separate yourself from the crowd of bloggers waiting for influencers to share their post. By this, you will be standing on the shoulders of the most significant players in the blogging industry.

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