Want to manage your days in successful aptitude to the work that you love to do? The fact is, the answer is hidden in the expression. You obviously, agree with me.

We are about to discuss the social accounts and promotion through them. Followers are the basic impulse of them. If you have at least 3k followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you could feel graced for a potential income. You can make out a full time living being only a social media influencer.

Here you have 6 simple steps-

Step 1: Choose a suitable budget

Take a piece of pen and paper. Draw two columns on it.

Fill one column with “Needs” without which you cannot live, e.g. house rent, food, clothes and other obvious essentials.

The other column should be filled with “Wants”- without which you can live on, but help you to maintain luxurious life like beer, luxury car and so on.

Why are we suggesting for this? No, we are showing now the instant way to make money. Just you are now aware of the monthly budget for your survival. You now need to acquire the amount for fulfilling the needs first.

Then concentrate on achieving the “Wants” that makes your life full of status.

You can determine now the monthly budget on “Needs”.

Now, you do not feel scared to leave the job and go online to influence socially full-time. Yes, you can!

Step 2: Define the value for the determined sponsor socially 

If it is the first time you are about to earn money from social media, it can be a daunting task at the beginning, but nothing to be disheartened.

If you’ve never earned cash from your social media before, it can be hard to put a value on yourself.

There are some apps you can find in Google or Apple store that can determine the ballpark rates you can choose for each of the social posts.

You need to keep in mind not to play a short cut or easy way to success. You have to work hard on the content you are about to post. So, research on your rates and the brands will decide from there.

Step 3: How many posts can fund for your classy lifestyle?

If you, suppose, have 30K followers on Instagram, you can easily earn $4K per month. If the count of the post is 10, it is clear that you are about to earn $400 per post.

Yes, it is right, according to our calculations, you require only 10 posts each month to meet your demand for the living. Probably, you have made out you need only one post only on every three days. Isn’t it cheering!

Step 4: Download an appropriate app for the campaign 

Make a successful search in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store.

Create an account at Big Outreach as an Influencer and start browsing on the desired category your followers love: travel, love, food and drink, shopping and so on.

A number of brands prefer astounding contents. Always, you have to keep in mind that your audience trusts you. If they feel that your motto is to sponsor something, they might unfollow you. Maintain a logical balance between them.

Now, choose a campaign you want to perform. If the stars align, you’ll get the best way to promote- start!

This is the point to create a post and submit it to the campaign you’ve determined.

If you select a great app for the campaign, you won’t need to contact the brand earlier. Anybody can submit a post to sponsor. Everybody is on a playing field. You do not think of the followers you have; rather, your moderate content will speak a lot.

Step 5: Submit Your Unique Contents

Crack the campaign. The best app for campaign allows you to select the product you have already experienced and prefer most. Express your personal experience. It is trustworthy.

It is sure, you have trialed some brands, and happy with the experience. You wish to share your experience to your campaign. Create the campaign and submit the content.

If you suppose love ABC brand, and want to post your content, matching the criteria of the product or brand. Create a post, write unique and alluring content, and wait. You can upload your image also.

For posting a campaign, apply your own experience, take some risk in you! Just you should not promote the power of Brand, your personal experience matters most!

The brand will look into your post. They will either approve or suggest a CHANGE. Make revisions, if needed. Chat with them and ask their demand. When the post will be approved by the brand, you will be paid for the post within a pledged period of time.

If the post is not approved by the brand, you have nothing to be disheartened. Keep the feedback in mind, and apply them for the next posts.

Step 6: Plan the next post

There are lots of apps through which you can manage multiple social media at a time along with multiple accounts. When you are posting through them, either the post will be approved or you will get superior feedback from the brand.

Now, you have to plan for the next post after the failure or success. Create a post with the consequence of the last post. It works. Create reliable attraction!

This is the time when the brands are so curious and hungry for influencers to promote and recommend their products. Your followers on Instra or any other social media where you have targeted to post will be the admirer of the brand you recommended.

If you are successful to create a valuable content meeting the demand for your brand and audience, you will get a spontaneous cash flow!

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