Outreach is a complex game which you should handle with care. Campaigning insistently may lead the same people to move away from you which you were hoping to bring into your fold.

A lot of thought and planning has to be put into to approach blogger outreach in a new market. You might have observed that some blogs seem to come from nowhere and overnight the person behind the blog becomes an expert in the field. So what is their formula for success?

Is it because of the design, content or any other USP? No the strategy best to use is to approach blogger outreach and supercharge your blog. Here instead of sharing your content on the social media, the content is just put in your niche to have a greater impact.

To approach blogger outreach in a new market you have to learn the skills and when you hone those skills you will discover:

  • Enhanced references and inbound links from other blogs in your niche.
  • Improve loyal fans and email subscribers.
  • Additional invites to interviews and roundup posts
  • Further social shares of every pieced of content you publish.

Have a look at some of the steps which you can best resort to, to approach blogger outreach in a new market:

Creating a list of influential bloggers in your niche

It is very important to first create a top-notch list of bloggers in your niche with whom you wish to build relationships and have an entry into their networks.

Though the work may seem to be a bit spine-chilling at the first go but this will give a foundation to your outreach efforts. The contact information can be bit tough to achieve in some cases. Many high-profile bloggers choose to use a contact form if.

The lists created should be refined later and do some research to add important blogs that are still not on your consideration. Try to build a list of 100 influential bloggers in your target niche to bear fruits later on.

Separate your target bloggers into categories

All blogs do not have the same standing. Some command respects more and get tons of traffic. Never try to adopt the same approach to all the blog on your list.

But how to know which should be given much respect. Get to know about Social Authority, Domain Authority which will give you an indication.

Following on Twitter

After the list is developed, you should follow them on Twitter from different accounts of yourself and also from the company account. To reach out those bloggers it is imperative to know what they liked and disliked. Also what they are interested in talking about.

Start the process of retweeting

The ideal way to get others on your side is to show you are really interested in what they are saying. This implies to better engage with what they are saying on Twitter, where we start to retweet them and get on with those people and hear what they have to say. The moment you are sure that they have become aware that you are interested in them try to move to the next step.

Introduce yourselves

The process of asking something direct is not fair enough. So the best way to introduce is to email them and let them know who you are and why you are so interested in what they are saying.

Hang around for the right opportunity

Introductory email being done, have the patience to listen from them. In the meantime stays engaged by just sending them links to appealing things and have diminutive conversation.

Here the logic is to build a relationship and in no way the new associates should assume that you are only after a link or a mention.

Surely a time will come where an opportunity will show up beneficial both ways. Here the key to success is to up with lots of activity planned around the social channels and onsite blog

This you could do to intimate them about the activity that we had knowledge in and also structure the planned activity in such a way upon getting to know the bloggers more.

Another request which can work in your favor is to ask the bloggers to be a part of your interview series. This gives an opportunity to know them better and help drive traffic to their blogs from our site.

Another way out is to request them to respond to questions on your Facebook page if they thing it wise doing it.

Become personal

Getting to know bloggers’ interest posts and even their personal interest area and connect it back to your interests on your blog site. This will create a personal bond based on integrity.

Have something to give back

Don’t expect those bloggers to give you something if in return they do not get something out of it. Thus giving them the chance to promote their blogs on your site, with no compulsion on their part to promote us would work.

Offer opt outs at every stage

Giving the bloggers the capacity to tell you to depart is essential to any campaign success. This gives the message to the bloggers that you aren’t just attempting to scam them for anything.

Keep the tone conversational

For bloggers a corporate tone doesn’t work, so better refine your tone and be conversational. Convey the message that you are privileged to talk to them and not vice versa.

Understand your target audience better

Don’t leave any page unturned to understand who you are talking to. This is important as you could come up with ideas that fit their core interest area which the bloggers will really appreciate.

The time your outreach campaign reaches win-win situations for everyone concerned, bloggers are far less likely to reject any idea from your side.

Keep trying

Bloggers are busy persons and so there is no reason to worry or get disheartened when you don’t get a response. Just don’t give up but keep trying checking their twitter feeds, ensure that you comment on their site and then make a try again. Have patience; surely the bloggers will get in touch with you soon.

So know make the right move!

By now you would have understood the enormous potential of blogger outreach and how best to approach blogger outreach in a new market.

Just take out a few minutes and drop comments on some ideal blogs or send emails, you will sooner get recognized for your efforts.