If you are into content writing, then you would by know now that content is the king. But is it so easy to write content.

Definitely not, the most accomplished content writers also run out of ideas and struggle to find the best of phrases and words to communicate with their readers.

Are you also one of them and struggling to keep up the quality of your work then the good news is that there are bunch of creative people out there, and they have come up with some effective and useful content writing tools.


Make use of this tool for fine tuning your content

Have you heard of Ernest Hemingway? He is definitely one of the greatest writers of 20th century who relied on repetition and punctuation to transfer information to the reader.

His beauty lie in substituting minimalist sentences for lengthy one. This handy tool will help you improve your writing skills and make it more engaging to the audience.

The tool points out where to improve so that the readability factor improves. But try not to impress much and keep your sentences short and simple to appeal to the larger group of audience.


Utilize this tool for ultimate proofreading and editing stage

Naturally all content writers have an uphill task of making the content rich and appealing and in the process commit some grammatical errors unintentionally. So this is a tool which will point out what grammatical errors are there in the content you have written.

This tool will assist you in checking spelling mistakes, grammar or punctuation in the text. This tool is compatible with all browsers including Microsoft Office and you can see in any text editors or dialog boxes you open.

It does not much of effort to use and at present Grammarly is the best tool which I have come across for detecting my errors.


Utilize this tool for your research, developing ideas and including bulk to content.

This is an amazing social networking site that runs on a question and answer discussion pattern.

So to get inspiration for content writing you just have to sign up and start posing your question and in no time you will have it answered by professionals or expertise in the industry.

You will definitely find the likes of Stephen Fry, Rand Fishkin and Ashton and they are all very much active on the site.

If you are on the lookout for some beautiful quotes to add value to your content then you can get plenty of them here.

Atomic Writer

Utilize this tool for toning the voice of your content to your target audience

It is very important to understand how the readers view your content and what they want from your side. Naturally the business you know like the back of your hand is not the same when your readers go through your content.

This stunning tool available as a WordPress plugin and developed by Toronto-based Atomic Reach is structured to assist you to be on track with your blogging.

It blends with Google Analytics and all your social media accounts and uses this data to rightly inform how you can streamline your content for the target audience.

There is no complexity in using this tool and you have just to put your copy into WordPress.  As usual the plug-in will offer you suggestion as to how you can modify your post to make it more reader friendly.

Here the articles are scored with aw numerical Atomic Score. Naturally the higher the score the better it is. In addition you will also be given an indication of Audience Match, which will tell you if there is any further need of tweaking your content any further.

Emotional Marketing Headline Analyser

Make use of this tool for discovering effective headlines.

Getting an effective or catchy headline for your content is the key to success of your content marketing strategy. The moiré the effective headlines are written the more the chance the visitors will be reading your content.

But choosing an effective headline for your content is an uphill task and at times you can be tempted to just summarize by few words the title of your content. But that will not work.

According to experts there are a number of sides you need to conform to, all of which seemingly say the opposite to each other.

This Advanced Marketing Institute’s web*based tools is totally free and it will come handy for giving you much needed information of the emotional response your headline will acquire with your audience.

Obviously the analyzer is not the best and it will not be able to provide you with the keywords you need to use but definitely it will assist you in understanding what your visitors is on the lookout for.

Final Thoughts

To be frank the 5 content writing tools that I have mentioned in the post will offer a readymade solution to your content writing woes you face. But it will show you the path to make your content more readable and presentable to the reader. This is vital to bring the flow of traffic to your site.

The more you engage with this tools the more you will learn as to how to make your content engaging and catch to your target audience.