The internet is based on links.  Link building takes a pivotal role in attaining the good search engine rankings. Those days are gone when you have to purchase hundred of links through spam techniques and that would provide better rank in the search results.

But currently, in the world of SEO quality is the thing that matters more than quantity. Thus you have to follow some advanced link building methods to remain convincing in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Link building as part of your SEO strategy

In this article we will have a look at 10 various SEO link building tactics or strategies which will help you to build or make the links a lot more in a natural way.

1. Craft link worthy content

Before writing any post just make sure that content you are going to create will be useful and practical for the readers. Actually when you have the useful stuff which is linking obtaining other websites to link your helpful content will become a simple procedure.

2. Guest blog

Guest blogging is a real SEO link building process but you have to handle it very carefully. If you give a poor quality duplicate guest post, then Google will punish you under spammy link building technique.

Find out high quality blogs or websites which have good traffic and engagement to perform guest blogging. You should not utilize the keyword rich anchor text to link your site in the bio of the author.

3. Create infographics

Infographics are the confidential to super SEO link building.

Producing and publishing the good looking infographics is not only the great link-bait process but also a best marketing tactic which would improve your brand awareness. Visual content will catch the attraction and has the power to go viral as well.

So you ever come through a fascinating information but think that it would not be so good to make as text content, you may make some striking infographics and make people to link to it.

You may use the infographics submission sites to execute your link building plan.

4. Write testimonials

If you love to check out tools and applications, you may confirm the high authority branded products and services and allow the testimonials where you could obtain the link back to your site.

Nevertheless, don’t provide testimonials simply for the sake of link building. As the potential customers can observe your testimonials and see who you are, it would be good to provide your honest view point on how that application supported you.

In spite of this you may explore the other users featured on the testimonial page to scrutinize their backlinks.

5. Utilize social media links

Social media is the vast place or area where you can build natural backlinks for your site. So;

  • Join your site to social media through the social profile link.
  • Create your networks on the popular social networks; you will acquire more people to share your content.
  • Remain active to connect the new piece of content of your site and obtain more social cues for it.

6. Reach out to bloggers and linkers

The blogger/ linker outreach strategy or tactics is an on-going method of building backlinks to your site. You should have more tolerance to recruit this link building process as you will require reaching and making a relationship with the powerful bloggers in a methodical manner or way.

You should make a list of famous bloggers / internet marketers first, in your niche. Pursue them on social media, expand their content on your network and involve in their discussion. Often link their content to your site and send notification about the same which will give the benefits. When you make the inclusive materials just email them to link your worthy stuff. If they love your attempts they never feel hesitate to link your content.

7. Submit to site feedback sites

You can submit your site to the website Feedback sites such as or to develop the performance and conversion rates which is also a good link building process.

Most of the feedback sites provide a do-follow link to your site and you just require registering your site with small description to implement your link building strategy and acquire the SEO advantages.

8. Participate on Q&A websites

A websites is often helpful for us to build links in a graceful way and do better SEO as well. Just give attention to the discussing question which is associated to your niche on the sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora.

Try to write or compose a detailed post on them and create a summary to post on the Q&A site. It is only a genuine SEO link building technique but will also provide a steady stream of traffic to your site.

9. Build relationships

Building links through relationship is the most updated and trouble free method. You just require caring about other people in our niche by taking part in any meet up, survey or hangouts and support them to expand their costly content on social media. This relationship building would provide the chances in future to build up links for your site.

10. Analyze your competitors’ well-built Backlinks

Find for the necessary keywords of your site and you can find your competitors. You can reduce your search through “related: keyword” to specify your future opponents. Then;

  • Utilize BuzzSumo to watch their most shared pages covering the whole social media
  • If they have strong link profiles with high quality links you may attempt the same tactics
  • Utilize the toll Majestic Site Explorer to specify their well-built backlinks

Obtaining the top search engine rankings is becoming a hard or strenuous task as the Google and other search engines perusing to refine its search algorithms.

SEO link building is a significant movement but it requires some patience in trying the various strategies and you should search the ones who can establish the achievement.

If you are ambitious about making the high quality links to your site then you have to be organized on how you are making and publicizing your content.

Hope, this post of link building tips would come of great use. Share in the comment section if you have any ideas or anything new to say about this topic.