Solicitors often baulk at the prospect of engaging in content marketing because it can prove to be an unaffordable option. The simple truth is any keyword related to law matters will cost a lot of money to bid on.

In fact, it should not surprise you to learn that you may be asked to pay fifty dollars to place an ad on Google with just the word attorney in it. The good news however is solicitors can and should use content marketing to grow their business. Here are 10 reasons why solicitor needs content marketing. 

Different from the competition

Content marketing can prove to be very effective in helping you become a leading thinker in your field. Your audience will be impressed if every word of content that you publish is geared toward building thought leadership. The goal is to make your blog as popular as it can become and you also need to ensure your blog is designed to set you apart from your competition.

Engage in Business blogging

When running your own blog, you can build a natural platform to engage with your audience. Just make sure your blog is designed for the search engines and also make sure it ranks high on the search engine result pages. A properly created blog will help you gain clicks for which you will have to pay practically nothing. Also, make sure your blog and your law blog run well together.

Putting LinkedIn to good use

Most lawyers are already using LinkedIn. In fact, almost sixty percent lawyers use it. LinkedIn is one of the most used of all social networks in the world of lawyers. Solicitors should learn to use LinkedIn to market their services as then they can take advantage of the fact that LinkedIn with thousands of groups will make it is easy for you to find a large audience in need of legal advice.

Authority in your field

When a potential client has some questions they want answered, they probably use Google to find the answer. Mostly, the results provided by Google are not very satisfactory. This is why it makes sense for you to be there to answer those questions. All you need to do is monitor networks where people ask legal questions and then you can provide an answer and, in this way, show yourself to be an authority in your field.

Use case stories

In the legal profession, case stories play a very important role. By engaging in content marketing, you can offer testimonials on your website and in this way, you can attract greater number of clients to you. Be sure to publish exhaustive case stories for some important cases. This will help you gain the trust of potential clients and in this way, you can grow your business.

Show off your team members

Often, potential clients will choose a solicitor by looking at the faces in the solicitor’s team. All you need to do is use content marketing to inform and introduce members of your team. You can introduce these members via videos or through blog posts and you can also get your team members to contribute to your blog. This will help you gain the confidence of potential clients.

Provide news about your industry

Content marketing involves more than just providing content that relates to your practice. It therefore makes sense to also use it to cover major news and current cases. Be sure to offer professional opinions on major news events and also provide your clients with a unique perspective about how the news can affect their lives. This is a good way of putting content marketing to good use to help you build your business.

Explain the intricacies of the legal profession

By using content marketing, solicitors can explain the intricacies of their profession to would-be clients. They must however make sure their content is not just focused on their practice. It is important to use content marketing to come across as an expert in your field. Keep in mind, your clients do not generally understand legal terms and implications. Thus, you can use content marketing to clear up the confusion caused by solicitors who tend to use a lot of jargon.

Your focus must be to write articles that simply and easily explain legal issues and intricacies to the general public. Also, make sure you use content marketing to answer frequently asked questions. By also publishing your own legal dictionary you can put content marketing to good use. The easier it becomes for your clients to understand the law, the more likely they will appreciate you for it.

Offer visual content

By offering visual content, you can create a big impact and, in this way, you can enhance your exposure. What’s more, it will also help you grab the attention of your audience. So, be sure to use videos, infographics and photos to help educate your clients about matters of legal import. 

Keep things light

If you want to succeed as a solicitor in the online world, you need to gain the attention of your clients. The best way to do so is by keeping things light. So, make sure to start your blog posts with some complex matter of legal import and explain this in a simple and easy to understand manner. It will help you build up a solid client base.

The bottom line is content marketing, if done the right way, can do some wonders in increasing your exposure to clients. In addition, it also helps you gain some credibility and most importantly, it will help to attract more clients to your business.